My Tiny Studio Space

The third writing prompt from Caitlin (see previous posts for details) is to talk about my studio space.

This is a tough one for me because I am very self-conscious. I have a very small space that I share with my husband, who has his office in the same room in our apartment. I don’t really have many tools, all things considered, and certainly in comparison to nearly everyone else that I know. I had a bad experience with a visiting fellow jeweller who clearly thought my bench space was pathetic. That kind of hurt. But I am proud of my little set up because I am able to make what I want with what I have. It has become a bit of a personal challenge for me to see just how few tools I really need to create well and comfortably. (Hint: nobody needs that many tools to make great art.) For me this is a step up from my previous 2 foot square kitchen cart and way up from the window sill I started on. I added a picture of the window sill bench below, in case you don’t believe me. And for the record, I’d still be doing good work on that window sill if I had not moved house!

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