Where it All Starts

Here we are at writing prompt number 4 from Caitlin of Aguja y Clavo. This one is about discussing where I get my ideas and how I develop them. Strange as it might seem, I am not entirely sure where I get my ideas. They just sort of arrive. And then I do the work. I consider my work a co-creation between myself and my materials. I sometimes sit with a stone I would like to use and work through as many sketches as it takes before the stone is satisfied. I sometimes sit at my bench with a piece of metal in my hands until I know what it wants to be. I am inspired by fleeting, incorporeal things and I think about how I might capture a feeling, or a movement or a fragment of a song. Movement especially, as ballet was my first love and that never really goes away. Sometimes I feel like I am trying to fill the space that dancing left behind with my other artistic output. So I suppose I am. Let’s just say that for me and my design, everything starts with a feeling and movement and I see where the dance takes me.

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